Spiritual Curriculum? What’s That?

What's Your Spiritual Curriculum- (1)

Is your spiritual life in the doldrums? Are you finding yourself stuck in the same place year after year, wondering why nothing ever changes? The summer holidays end, and the annual routine begins again.

Speaking of that, school is in session for another year and everywhere teachers are working hard on plans to grow the knowledge of students. It’s not an easy job as they have to present information in line with a relevant year’s curriculum. These curricula are devised by Australia’s Department of Education and Training, which passes them on to each state ministry department. When schools receive their requirements, teachers must learn how to apply the knowledge themselves before they can present it successfully. Otherwise how could they teach, correct and clarify each point as they guide their students?

Jesus was often called Rabbi – which John tells us originally meant teacher in Hebrew. He had a curriculum to follow which was set by God in heaven, it was the proclaiming of the good news of the kingdom of God. Jesus tells us this was the reason He was sent in Luke 4:43. The kingdom of God curriculum is not about heaven or the church or the heart or moral reform or a future realm. The Hebrew word for kingdom is malkut and means rule, or reign.

Malkut refers to the active, dynamic exercise of God’s rule, authority, dominion and power in the world. So when John the Baptist announced that the kingdom of God has come near as Jesus approached he meant that God’s rule was just about to break into the world through the Messiah – the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus taught this spiritual curriculum under the leadership of the Holy Spirit which came on Him at His baptism. He demonstrated this ruling power and authority by healing every disease and sickness, raising the dead and driving out demons.

Just like our school teachers, Jesus had to follow the curriculum perfectly to be a good teacher. And He did – even to dying on the cross as our substitute in obedience to God. Because of this total obedience Jesus was given all power and authority after He ascended to heaven. Now it’s His kingdom.

Theologians talk about Jesus’ kingdom as both present and future – they call it fulfilment within history (that’s now) and consummation at the end of history (to come). So, while we wait for the consummation as believers, Jesus made us teachers of this curriculum. He gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us and work the power of the kingdom through us.

Because we love Jesus the obligation to be good teachers is on us. But so many Christians are following other curricula into a powerless ministry. When are we as His Church going to take our instructions directly from Him and start listening? He’s speaking loud and clear. Won’t you take the time to listen, receive and learn obedience from Him? He did it all for you. Won’t you do it for Him?

This post is an excerpt from a sermon by Andrea Lock at Perth Healing Ministries Chapel on February 6, 2016. Church services are on Sundays at six pm, they are open to all. If you would like more information about services or the ministry please get in touch using the contact form.